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Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the name Whiskey Bird come from?

The name pays homage to the great American spirit, Whiskey, which we highlight in our classic cocktails. Bird is a reference to traditional Yakitori.

What is Yakitori?

Yakitori (YAH-KEY-TORE-EE) is Japanese for “grilled chicken”.  It is traditionally made with various cuts of the chicken that are skewered and grilled over binchotan charcoal.  We have taken inspiration from this traditional Japanese dish and created a new style of Yakitori that is unique to Whiskey Bird.  We start by selecting the best ingredients, carefully seasoning them, and then grilling them to perfection on our Robata grill.  All our Yakitori skewers are served by the piece and are best when shared!

How would you describe the menu?

The menu brings together the vibrancy of Asian flavors with the diversity of American tastes. The blending of these elements results in entirely new creations that embody the inventive and creative spirit of this establishment.  Whiskey Bird offers an assortment of small plates that include Yakitori, Hong Kong Sliders and Tacos along with a selection of larger “entrée” size portions and a salads and sandwiches section.

What is your company philosophy?

To surprise and delight every guest, every time.  We do this through our creative and innovative food and our thoughtful and attentive service.

Do you have any kid-friendly options?

Our Yakitori are a favorite among kids and we also offer kids versions of our Hong Kong Sliders